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 - Coaches must register as a School/Coach on TKDConnect and purchase a Coach’s pass


-Teams must be registered on TKDConnect by their coach using a School/Coach Account



To register

- Please click the link button ""

- Please view the tutorial video and follow the instruction 

Please email with any questions about the registration process

TKDConnect is set up to allow School owners to register coaches for an event and view their student’s registration. This is mainly due to the fact that most events grant free coach passes based on the number of competitors that have signed up from that school. As a school owner, you can register coaches by following the steps below. 


Creating your School Owner Account and Profiles 

     Step 1: Navigate to 

     Step 2: Click “Create Account” and select “School Owner” as the Account Type. 

     Step 3: You will receive an “Activation Email”, click on the activation button. If you do                                not see an email, please check your spam/junk folder. 

     Step 4: After clicking the activation button, you can login to TKDConnect. 

     Step 5: Click “Schools” and Click “Profiles”, Create a School Owner Profile. 


Claim or Add your Taekwondo School 

You can add your school to our website, this will allow your students to pick your school when they are creating their profiles. We will be releasing a feature soon that will allow you to invite your students to competitions and track when they register. You will also be able to register teams for the school (Demo Team, Sparring Team). 

     Step 1: Click “School” and click the “Schools” option. 

     Step 2: First click “Claim School” and type your school name. If your school is already in                          our system, you can find it and claim yourself as the owner. If it is not in the                                  system, you can click “Create”, and add your school to our system. 


Register Coaches 

     Step 1: Click the Shopping cart at the top right, and click “Add Coach Pass” 

     Step 2: Complete the form and add as many Coaches as you need. 

     Step 3: On the Shopping Cart, click “Checkout” to pay for the Coach passes 


View Student Registration 

     Step 1: Click “School” and click “Competition Stats” 

     Step 2: Next to the event you want to view, click the number in the Competitors column 


If you have technical difficulties, please send an email to




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